The ward


Gasping, I opened my eyes. Scintillating brightness filled my image, the ivory walls and celling like merciless blades, cutting the very last glitter of my hope. Desperation like a muted tide of gloomy agony as a shivery iciness crushed into my body. My palm sweated in agitated trepidation, the chillness of the breed like a jeopardizing but tranquil beast climbed up to my neck, breathing triumph as panic slowly rose in me. I blinked. Blinked again. It was useless, nothing but sharp glacial pain came roaring in my somber mind.

Glancing up, my vision became clearer. The fizzling light above grumpily jumped out. Snap! The room fell into a gloaming darkness, blurred into the grievous silence. I fearfully laid there as the shadow squeaked bestially like a starving creature. I felt it prowling to me, as it’s acquisitive eyes blistering in greedy desire, with keen flash gleamed upon its noxious paws. A stroke of forlorn horror gusted me. Powerless, I shut my eyes as the room echoes with nothing but my deep rapid breathing. A invisible ominousness surrounded me, clamoring. I shrieked in dismay, but only a muffled murmur spinelessly leaked out through my quivering pale lips. I scrambled up posthaste as my unease protested violently. Twinge like a stretched thin string, tearing my bones and muscles. My visions became vague, a bitter darkness blinded my views. Death was near, I sought help in the opalescent darkness.

Suddenly, the light came back, the room was lighted by the luscious brightness. Voices from the corridor gradually approached, like a comforting melody disguising the horrendous threat from every shadowed corner. I took a deep breath, and allayed my intensely alarmed sense, quietly listened to the soft mumbling outside. Footsteps, trembling on the cold hard ground, every move revealing the vicissitudes of life and the hidden pain under the ponderous prickling steps. The weeping of a middle aged woman and the screeching of a young girl, mixing with the hasty wheels of medicine trolley hurtling pass. I heard both delightful greetings from beloved to patients, and despondent sobs from one world to another. These noises, loud as a fierce argument, quiet as the trifling dripping of the IV liquid right upon my head, echoing in my empty head.

I mumbled from the bed, my hand and arms vulnerably laid on the coarse white blanket. The numb frigid flowed in my fingertips, rustling as I raises my hand.  Sniffing, I smelled a stench of medicine on my gray rough skin. It was a deep bitter odor mixed with the sterilizing water and Chinese medicine, passed in fiery gust from the outside. The lurid smell was on every single patient like a imminent imperilment of death, hanging his trenchant scythe of misery upon their pale gossamer neck. I felt the torturous brick of poison languidly bleeding in the silence, mercilessly screeched into my ears. It was the smell of death, a pungent fetor from hell.

I carefully climbed out of the uneven pallid bed. As my toes touches the glacial ground, a sudden frost made me quaver. Bearing the numbing coldness, I stroked towards the door. The rigorous air kissed my skin as I trembled under the soulless cool light. Raising, I putted my hand on the iced metal door handle. Albeit I am impotent and weak, the thrilling wintry chillness like a invisible power, pushed as I tried to open the door. A even brighter blaze over whelmed me with warmth. Noises, louder than ever, like thunder crashing in my ears. The frosty ground became tepidly solacing, glowing benignly as people cheerfully strolled through the radiant long hallway.

I took a abysmal breath. I could see my own face translucent on the diaphanous reflection, eased with soft tender like a joyful young girl, my eye dazzling in the charitable sunlight.

One step, and I am in the drizzling light.


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